International PhD opportunities in Biodiversity and Conservation ~

31 de enero de 2005

International PhD opportunities in Biodiversity and Conservation

The European Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Research is pleased to announce topics for a cohort of international PhD studentships, to start in Autumn 2005. These EU-funded studentships are designed in part to foster mobility, and so are open to applicants from anywhere in the world except the UK (for specific eligibility rules see this webpage.
Marie Curie students will be treated as University employees, and so each of the projects listed below has both a project description and a
job description associated with it. =20
The closing date for applications is March 4th 2005. Interviews will be held in March/April 2005. =20
Marie Curie Studentship topics:
The causes and consequences of population size for genetic diversity and population viability: an experimental study.
Supervisors: =20
Tim Benton, School of Biology (
Steve Sait, School of Biology
Biodiversity impacts of invasive species at multiple spatial scales Supervisors:=20 Bill Kunin, School of Biology ( Oliver Phillips, School of Geography Andy Nelson, School of Geography
How does biodiversity affect critical ecosystem functions in tropical forests?
Simon L. Lewis, School of Geography (
Jon Lloyd, School of Geography=20
Oliver L. Phillips, School of Geography=20
Bonaventure Sonke, University of Yaounde
Understanding species responses to environmental change: Insect-plant interactions at range margins Supervisors:=20 Steven Sait, School of Biology ( Bill Kunin, School of Biology
Modelling disease threats to island biodiversity
Simon Goodman, School of Biology ( Alison Dunn, School of Biology=20 Andrew Cunningham, Institute of Zoology, Zoological Society of London
Biological invasions - does enemy release affect invasion success?=20
Supervisors: =20
Alison M. Dunn, School of Biology (
Judith E. Smith, School of Biology
Biodiversity response to climate change during the Late Cretaceous
(~70Ma) in Antarctica: investigating extinctions and radiations of Antarctic palynomorph floras=20 Supervisors:=20 Jane Francis, School of Earth & Environment
Jim Riding, British Geological Survey,=20
Alistair Crame, British Antarctic Survey
Chronis Tzedakis, School of Geography
Project descriptions and details can be found on the EBI studentship
Applicants for Marie Curie doctoral studentships in Biodiversity and Conservation research should apply through the Graduate School of the Faculty of Biological Sciences:

Make sure to note on your application form that you are applying for a studentship through the Marie Curie EST in Biodiversity and Conservation Research, and name the project and supervisor(s) of interest. Marie Curie studentships are administered as contracts of employment, and consequently a separate job application will be required by successful studentship applicants at a later date. =20
If you have additional queries concerning a particular project, please contact the proposed supervisor(s). Queries about the Biodiversity and Conservation Research EST programme as a whole can be addressed to its co-ordinator, Dr. William Kunin (Tel: +44 113 343 2857; e-mail:

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