Ph.D. Student on Biomolecular Detection ~

13 de enero de 2005

Ph.D. Student on Biomolecular Detection

in the Biomolecular Detection Group of RIKILT-Institute of Food Safety.
RIKILT is part of Wageningen University and Research Centre. Wageningen is the city of Life Sciences and located in the East of the country, approximately one hour from the city of Amsterdam.
Vacancy number: RIK.DP2004.F25
General information
RIKILT-Institute of Food Safety in Wageningen (NL) is looking for a Ph.D. student on the interface of biochemistry, immunochemistry and analytical chemistry. The Biomolecular Detection Group is a research unit having a very strong international position in the development of immunological screening methods for residues of veterinary drugs and contaminants in complex food-related sample matrices. Apart from classical approaches innovative technologies are applied such as surface plasmon resonance (SPR) biosensors and their coupling with mass spectrometry.
Job information
The monitoring for potential abuse of illegal growth promoters in animal husbandry is an important statutory task of the institute. Within the Biomolecular Detection group you will start a new research project towards the immunological screening and mass spectrometric identification and confirmation of peptide and protein growth hormones and regulators. The first objective of the project is the development of a multi-channel screening method for peptide and protein hormones in serum samples from veterinary origin. Apart from the multi-detection for a large number of relevant analytes using optical biosensors or other immunochemical tools as such, also the development of efficient sample preparation concepts capable of selective enrichment of the proteins of interest from a complex sample matrix containing a huge excess of irrelevant plasma proteins will be very challenging and represents the second objective. The integration of the developed screening methods with identification and confirmation based on MALDI-TOF and/or Electrospray-TOF mass spectrometry will be the third objective. The project is carried out at RIKILT as part of a family of projects all focused on the selective analysis of food-related peptides and proteins.
Job requirements
Masters degree in chemistry, pharmacy or other relevant life science. Preferably experience with proteins, immunochemistry and instrumental analysis techniques such as biosensors, chromatography and mass spectrometry. You are a creative person, able to do your own research project in a team, and your ambition is to become a Ph.D. You are a flexible person and willing to co-operate with other researchers inside and outside the institute.
We offer
A challenging research project and a temporarily contract for a period of maximum four years. Usually after one year a milestone for continuation (go/no
go) has to be passed. Please note that according to Dutch law a Ph.D. student position is actually not a student, but an official temporarily job with a four-year salary.
Information and job application
For more information please contact Willem Haasnoot (Biomolecular Detection
group) direct phone: +31-317-475603 or E-mail: and/or Michel Nielen (Programme Manager) direct phone +31-317-475615 or E-mail: . Information about the Institute can be found at . Sent your letter and curriculum vitae to RIKILT-Institute of Food Safety, attn. Mrs. Erica Steen, P.O. Box 230, 6700 AE Wageningen, The Netherlands, or via E-mail to .

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