BioScience Research Technician 1: Forest Ecology ~

1 de marzo de 2005

BioScience Research Technician 1: Forest Ecology

Agency: Oregon State University
Location: Western Cascades, Oregon
Job Description: This research will look at fire severity in riparian forests compared to adjacent uplands in recently burned areas (the B&B Complex fire) of the Deschutes National Forest in the Western Cascades. We will be collecting data on vegetation, topography and fire effects. Sample sites may be at a considerable distance from the road. Terrain may be rugged, and some areas will have poison oak.
The work schedule will consist of eight ten hours days of work, followed by six days off. The job will last for 10-12 weeks. Nights during the eight day work period will be spent away from Corvallis near the study sites, and we will most likely be camping on these nights. We will return to Corvallis for the six day off period.
Duties: Work will involve identification of trees and shrubs and data collection on vegetation attributes, topography, and fire effects. Precision in data collection and attention to detail are required. Applicants must be motivated to learn, willing to work outdoors under variable weather conditions, and willing and able to hike over steep terrain. Camping will be required on some nights.
Qualifications: Previous field experience in plant ecological studies is required. Experience or education in forestry, botany or ecology and an ability to identify trees and shrubs are preferred. A valid driver's license and safe driving record are required.
Minimum Qualification: Bachelor of Science in forestry, ecology, or botany, or equivalent work experience
Benefits: Food will be subsidized, and housing may be provided near field sites
Salary: $10.00-$13.00/Hour, depending on qualifications
Starting Date: June 15, 2005
Date Job Closes: September 14, 2005
Last Date to Apply: May 18, 2005, or until position is filled
Closing Date: September 14, 2005
To apply: Please be specific about your qualifications as they pertain to the job description and desired skills. Send letter of interest, resume and list of three references (including name, address, telephone & e-mail
address) to the address below. Electronic applications are welcome.
Documentation Needed: Valid driver’s license and social security card upon hire.
Jessica Halofsky
321 Richardson Hall
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331-5752
Telephone: 541-737-8491

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