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10 de abril de 2005

Undergraduate research opportunity: orca acoustics

Explore the Pacific Northwest and sail through beautiful marine ecosystems. Practice being a scientist and a leader. Analyze environmental problems and act to solve them. Gain 18 science credits. Join Beam Reach, a sustainability science school focused on the marine environment (http://beamreach.org/apply.html).

This fall (Aug 21 - Oct 30), we will study orcas, acoustics, and sustainable technology in the San Juan Islands. Our curriculum guides you through the design of your own research project during 5 weeks of training in marine biology and oceanography at the Friday Harbor Laboratories. Then your dynamic teachers help you conduct your research during a 5-week voyage sailing with the whales. Available instruments include a fixed hydrophone array, boat-based hydrophones, and ROV-mounted active sonar.

We will also study the humans who affect and assess the orcas. Come meet local community members, observe the development of the recovery plan for a high-profile threatened species, and experience sustainable technologies that can reduce human impacts on the whales. Then collaborate with your 5 classmates to plan and realize a service project that mitigates an acoustic impact on the orcas.

Contact: Dr. Scott Veirs (scott@beamreach.org, 206-251-5554)

This research opportunity is part of an academic study-away program. Participation requires application, acceptance, and tuition payment. Financial aid is available.

Beam Reach is affiliated with the Colorado College orca vocalization and localization (OVAL) project [2004 conference presentations available upon request]. Beam Reach courses are accredited by the University of Washington.

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