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26 de abril de 2005

Voluntariado con mamíferos marinos

Dear all,

CIRCE is a nonprofit organisation that works in the Strait of Gibraltar since 2000. You can have more information of CIRCE in the following web
page: www.circe-asso.org

We are looking for volunteers for the period 4-May-2005 and 30 June 2005, to help us in 2 diferent research projects. In May the volunteers will participate in the field work of the LIFE02NA T/E/8610 coordinated by the Spanish Cetacean Society (www.cetaceos.com). This is to participate in the Surveys orginised in the Gulf of Cadix. This survey will be a visual and acoustic survey, and the target species are Common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, harbour porpoise and killer whales. During this survey, all the crew will be onboard the research vessel Elsa, and will live onboard the vessel.

In June, the volunteers will participate in the deployment of TDR, photo -identification and acoustics recordings of long finned pilot whales in the Strait of Gibraltar from the research boat Elsa.

The volunteers will participate in the field and laboratory activities of those two projects.

The volunteering offers an excellent opportunity for qualified and motivated individuals to obtain field and laboratory training in photo-identification acousic and visual survey, TDR (temperature depthrecorder) deployment and radio tracking methodology.

There is no compensation for this volunteer position and the successful applicant will be responsible for their food expenses during the time of the volunteering. The volunteers can stay in CIRCE's Center.

Sincerely yours

Renaud de Stephanis

Renaud de Stephanis
CIRCE Conservación Información y Estudio de Cetáceos
C/Cabeza de Manzaneda 3 Pelayo Algeciras-11390 Espa=F1a.
Tel: +34-956679181
Mail: renaud@stephanis.org
Web: www.circe-asso.org

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