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26 de abril de 2005

Wetland Monitoring Assistant (1): late May – August 2005

Wetland Monitoring Assistant (1): late May – August 2005

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources’ Water Monitoring Section is looking for one summer Wetland Monitoring Assistant to work on a wetland monitoring project. The assistant will work with a wetland monitoring biologist to measure, collect, and record biological, chemical and physical data from 40 – 60 wetlands located in north-central Iowa. This data will be used to assess the ecological condition of wetlands in regards to a statewide initiative to improve water quality and track trends in wetland health.

Duties will include the following related activities:

- Assist with rapid site visits/evaluations of wetlands in north
central Iowa
- Assist with field sampling methods and the collection of water,
sediment and biological samples
- Assist with all equipment used with field sampling work which
will include the following: 4-wheel drive trucks and trailer, operation of an ATV, , canoe/boat, multi-parameter sampling probes, basic field collection techniques, computer, GPS unit, digital camera, and any other related tools
- GIS map interpretation, landowner contacts related to gaining
permission to access wetlands on private land

Applicant must be willing to work long hours in the field under all types of weather conditions, travel overnight and on weekends, able to do moderate physical work, wading and walking in marshy areas, and have a good understanding of basic wetland ecology and outdoor skills. Starting salary is negotiable based on experience and qualifications.

Deadline to Apply: May 5, 2005

If interested please send a cover letter and resume to:
Vince Evelsizer
Iowa DNR, Wetland Biologist
109 Trowbridge Hall, Univ. of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242

Call: (319) 335 – 1574
Email: vevelsizer@igsb.uiowa.edu

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