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3 de junio de 2005

Honduran Co-director of the Iguana Station ­ Position

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Honduran Co-director of the Iguana Station ­ Position Description

The Honduran Co-director of the Iguana Station is a volunteer position with great responsibility and challenge. The co-director receives a monthly allowance of 333 $. Living at the Iguana Station and some smaller things are free as well.

The co-director works under the supervision of the director and has to collaborate closely with him. Especially, he has to keep the director informed about ongoing activities and status of work. To accomplish that, the co-director will inform the director about any news, information, correspondence of importance for our project. They will both try to establish and keep an open, frank and positive relationship needed for productive cooperation. Communication partners are also the initiator of the project and herpetologist Gunther Köhler as well as the project manager Sven Zörner in Germany.

The co-director is the Honduran representative of the Iguana Station. Although he works under the supervision of the director of the Iguana Station, he has his own clearly defined tasks and responsibilities. These

1. Embedding the Iguana Station in the political and social environment on Utila and in Honduras.

The co-director should transport the goals, background information and conservation philosophy of the “Utila Iguana Conservation Project” into the Utilian and Honduran communities (Note: the artificial distinction between Utila and Honduras is used here to distinguish between the communities on Utila and on the Honduran mainland).

To achieve this goal, the co-director has to participate in community meetings, keep close contact and communication to the mayor of Utila and to those organisations that are important for our work on Utila, including BICA, PMAIP, AFE-COHDEFOR and various NGO’s.

Write articles in Spanish about our project and work for Honduran newspapers and journals.

Assist the director in meetings that can benefit from the presence of the co-director as a Honduran representative of the Iguana Station and / or as a translator.

Serve as an advisor to the director in any cultural, social or political issues.

2. Preparing and writing of proposals, contracts and applications.

The co-director will spend a significant amount of his time working out proposals, contracts and other paperwork needed for any part of the project. This will be done in close cooperation and communication with the director. Currently, high priority is given to start with a NGO.

3. Support of the director in everyday matters of the Iguana Station.

Whenever needed, the co-director will participate in any task that is needed to be done in the framework of the usual work of the Iguana Station, including iguana feeding, gardening, carpenter work, and advising volunteers. However, it should be made clear that he should not spend the majority of his time for such everyday matters because he should be able to focus on the tasks as listed above.

Please send application with CV in English to Station@Utila-Iguana.de


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