Ecovoluntariados y ofertas de trabajos con aves ~

3 de junio de 2005

Ecovoluntariados y ofertas de trabajos con aves

HARPY EAGLE HACK SITE VOLUNTEER-The Peregrine Fund is a nonprofit
organization working to conserve birds of prey and their habitats
worldwide. Successful applicants will be provided with the rare
opportunity to monitor and look after young Harpy Eagles prior to and
after they are released in the forests of Panama or Belize. Hack Site
Attendants will be based at a station near the release site in the
country of Panama or Belize. Specific Responsibilities: 1. Monitor,
feed, radio track and ensure the well being of young Harpy Eagles during
the entire process of release. 2. Communicate with Raptor Release
Coordinator and local partners on a regular basis. 3. Keep detailed
field notes of the Eagles' behavior, movement patterns, interactions
with other species, etc. Qualifications and Experience: 1. Biologist or
Biology student with basic Neotropical flora and fauna knowledge. 2.
Knowledge in raptor biology and ecology desirable. 3. Knowledge of radio
tracking techniques, use of GPS, compass and maps, and experience with
four-wheel-drive vehicles is desirable. 4. Willingness to live and work
in remote, rugged areas with snakes, biting insects, etc. 5. Capable of
walking long distances in extreme weather conditions (heat, humidity,
and rain) 6. Fluency in written and spoken English or Spanish. 7.
Willing to commit to the release project a minimum of 4 months. 8.
Volunteer is expected to cover his/her travel costs, as well as to pay
all his/her medical costs. Proof of medical insurance in effect during
the time period of the releases will be required. 9. Understanding of
and commitment to The Peregrine Fund's mission and approach to raptor
conservation. Compensation: 1. Accommodation (may be only a tent) and
board will be provided. 2. Training in behavioral data collection, radio
tracking techniques, compass and GPS usage. 3. Appropriate recognition
in scientific papers and personal references. 4. Great field experience
and the opportunity to work in pristine Neotropical rainforest and
reintroduce an endangered species into the wild. Send cover letter,
resume, and names, contact information of three references and
availability to: Raptor Release Coordinator, The Peregrine Fund/ Fondo
Peregrino, PTY 3150, 4440 NW 73rd Ave, Miami, FL 33166, USA (EM: The Peregrine Fund is an Equal Opportunity Employer

needed from 29 August through 30 November to study the stopover ecology
of passerines in UTILA, HONDURAS. BANDER must have experience banding
large volumes of birds and be familiar with the aging and sexing of
North American eastern breeding species. SURVEYOR must be able to
identify same birds (including color-banded birds) by both sight and
sound. FIELD ASSISTANT will extract birds from mist-nets and relocate
color-banded birds. Knowledge of both Spanish and English is preferred
but not required. All positions will assist with data entry and
additional research activities as needed. All individuals are required
to work 7 days per week and have the ability to work well with others in
a challenging and exciting environment that includes hot weather, biting
insects (e.g. sand flies) and tight living quarters. The BANDER will
receive $2000 USD, the SURVEYOR will receive $1750 USD, and the FIELD
ASSISTANT will receive $1500 USD for the season. Shared housing will be
provided. Utila is located on the Caribbean coast of Honduras and is
renowned for its world-class diving and its mangrove forests. Send
letter of interest, resume, and names, phone numbers, and emails of 3
references to SHERI GLOWINSKI, 118 College Dr. Box 5018, Dept. of
Biological Sciences, The University of Southern Mississippi,
Hattiesburg, MS 39406 or by email: Applications
will be accepted through 30 June 2005.

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