Needed: Bear Trackers ~

1 de junio de 2005

Needed: Bear Trackers

Join us in the Ecuadorian
Andes on a unique and
fulfilling adventure to help
the Andean Bear avoid
In a rural and friendly environment
in the cloud forest region of Intag, northern Ecuador (South America), we focus our studies on the Ecology of this majestic species. We invite you to join us on a volunteer basis in which you would be obtaining important and often groundbreaking data on such an understudied animal. For a very reasonable contribution, all food and accommodation is provided for you here in the volunteer house. You may stay for a minimum period of four weeks. A time you shall remember forever! All proceeds go entirely towards the bears themselves, and the local community. If you enjoy the outdoors, mountain walking, the beautiful natural world and interacting with people from different cultures, then this project is definitely for you!!! For those of you who enjoy the interacting with people more than the walking, we also run a teaching program with the children in the local schools. Another unforgettable experience! For more info please contact us… see below for details. Together we’ll save the Andean Bear

Needed: Bear Trackers

Fundación Espíritu del Bosque
Barcelona 311 y Tolosa, Quito-Ecuador /South america

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