Job offer: Editor ~

21 de marzo de 2007

Job offer: Editor

Journal of Applied Ecology, one of the four international journals published
by the British Ecological Society, is seeking a fifth editor to help
strengthen the Journal's coverage of a number of topical fields and to raise
its profile worldwide. The editors work together to determine journal
direction and increase the reputation and quality of the Journal, in
addition to being responsible for handling submitted manuscripts. This is a
part-time post for a practicing ecologist, based at the post-holder's normal
place of work, although funds are available to allow editors to meet with
each other, and to interact with other ecologists at important international
events, as well as covering editorial costs. We would particularly welcome
applicants with expertise in animal population dynamics and management,
population estimation and monitoring, statistics or modelling in applied
ecology, as well as those working outside the University sector or based
outside the UK.

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