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29 de enero de 2008

Oferta de trabajo para ornitólogos en Alaska

WATERFOWL TECHNICIANS NEEDED (2): Seeking two experienced field
technicians with a strong interest in ornithology and/or waterfowl
biology to assist with a graduate research project examining the
relationship between body condition and reproduction of lesser scaup
(Aythya affinis). Field work will be conducted on the Yukon Flats
National Wildlife Refuge in interior Alaska. The Yukon Flats is one of
the most remote and pristine areas in interior Alaska, offering a
wilderness experience with a great diversity of nesting waterfowl and
other bird species. This position will be a temporary hire with
University of Alaska-Fairbanks and in cooperation with the US Fish and
Wildlife Service. Major duties include: capturing pre-nesting lesser
scaup using decoy traps; marking females with radio transmitters; nest
searching and monitoring; tracking via radio-telemetry; conducting
surveys for waterfowl broods; and setup and maintenance of a remote
field camp. Boating, waterfowl trapping and banding, and radio telemetry
skills are desired. We are looking for applicants with a strong desire
to live in a remote field camp and the ability to maintain a positive
attitude under difficult field conditions including hot temperatures,
long days searching heavily wooded and brushy habitats, mosquitoes,
flies, and brown and black bears. Personnel are required to carry
firearms in the field for bear protection. Camp life is primitive and
all pertinent field gear is provided. Watercraft, aircraft, firearms,
and bear safety courses are also provided. The employment period will be
21 Apr through approximately 1 Sep 2008; start date is not flexible. Pay
is $12.75/hour for a 40 hour week. This is an excellent opportunity to
work closely with US Fish and Wildlife Service personnel. To apply,
email a cover letter and resume with contact information for 3
references to KRISTIN DEGROOT (EM: fnkad AT uaf.edu, PH: 907-474-7183).
You must also apply directly with the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Go
to (URL: https://www.uakjobs.com), under “Temporary Jobs” search for
posting #0054728 under the title "Research Technician (JOB08-48)” and
follow the directions. The position will remain open until filled.

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