Ph.D. student position available in Biology at McGill University, Montreal,Canada ~

29 de enero de 2008

Ph.D. student position available in Biology at McGill University, Montreal,Canada

I am currently seeking a graduate student (Ph.D. or exceptional M.Sc.) to
start in September 2008 or January 2009. I am seeking bright, motivated,
independent students interested in ecological theory at the interface
between community and ecosystem ecology. Students with strong quantitative
or mathematical skills are particularly encouraged to apply.

Current research projects in my lab include:
. Merging food webs, biodiversity and ecosystem functioning by developing
novel models based on body size and applying these models to empirical data
on freshwater and savanna ecosystems

. Exploring the evolutionary emergence of food webs and its constraints on
existing ecosystems through evolutionary models based on body size and
physical constraints

. Understanding the assembly, persistence and functioning of food webs in
space by extending metacommunity theory to multitrophic systems

. Developing a novel approach based on population dynamics to species
synchrony and ecosystem stability in fluctuating environments, and applying
this approach to empirical data

. Exploring the ecological and evolutionary consequences of non-trophic
interactions, trait-mediated indirect interactions, and niche construction

. Building biodiversity-ecosystem functioning models based on traits to
predict future consequences of biodiversity changes
Interested students should contact me via email, including a cover letter
describing background and interests (including specific interests in my
lab), cv, transcripts (preferably official, if available), and contact
details for 3 referees.

Michel Loreau
Professor and Canada Research Chair in Theoretical Ecology
Department of Biology, McGill University
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