13 de febrero de 2008


Teaching/Research Assistantship for M. S.

Applications are being sought for one student interested in pursuing an
academic career studying various aspects of the behavior of sailfin and Amazon mollies starting
no later than June 2008. Amazon mollies, Poecilia formosa, are a unisexual (all female) species of
molly that are essentially sexual parasites as they require sperm from the closely related bisexual
sailfin molly, P. latipinna but don't use it to fertilize their eggs. Conflict exists between male
sailfin mollies that prefer to mate with conspecifics and the Amazon mollies that require matings
with these males. We have three months of summer funding for a Research Assistant to work on
some aspects of this system and can supply Instructional Assistant (teaching labs) for the fall and
spring terms. See for details about our lab and
our research interests.

The Department of Biology offers a strong environment in evolutionary ecology as the basis for
training in behavioral ecology. Students will benefit from interactions with other faculty interested
in evolutionary questions such as: Jim Ott (Insect-plant interactions and ecological genetics),
Noland Martin (Plant population genetics), and Chris Nice (Speciation in insects and
phylogeography). We have both General Biology and Population and Conservation Biology MS
programs available.

GRE (verbal and quantitative) scores of 1000 for MS, and a GPA of 2.75 are minimum
requirements. For more information on admissions see . Please also see the Department of Biology
( and Texas State University ( web sites for
more information.

To apply for this job please send a statement of interest and a CV/resume of related research,
coursework, GPA, GRE, and any other relevant experience by February 28, 2008 to Caitlin Gabor
by email (gabor at Reference letters for top candidates will be solicited at a later
date. Applications will be reviewed as they come in, and may also be reviewed after the target date
if the position has not been filled.

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