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14 de febrero de 2008

Voluntariado en Panamá

VOLUNTEER FIELD ASSISTANT (1 of 3 positions remaining!) needed 27 Feb –
30 Jun 2008 for an ongoing behavioral study of lance-tailed manakins
(Chiroxiphia lanceolata) in Panama. Males of this manakin species form
cooperative pairs to females, and perform displays on dispersed display
territories. Assistants' responsibilities include conducting many
hour-long behavioral observations at male display sites, monitoring
birds using radiotelemetry, nest-searching, and mistnetting birds for
banding and blood sampling, and data entry. Experience in one or more of
these areas is required, and experience working in isolated field
settings and/or living in close quarters with a small field crew is
strongly preferred. Field conditions are hot (frequently > 95 degrees
F), extremely humid, and buggy, with steep terrain and a very real
possibility of snake encounters, wasp and bee stings, heat exhaustion,
and being caught in tropical downpours. Communication is limited at
best, and field assistants can expect to be out of touch with most of
the world for 2-3 weeks at a time. Applicants must have excellent color
vision, be in reasonably good physical condition. Ability to interact
well with other field crew members (who will share a one-room hut),
tourists, and members of the community is essential; ability to speak
Spanish is highly desirable but not required. The field site is a 50 ha
plot of secondary-growth dry forest on a large island in Panama's Gulf
of Chiriquí. The site is home to many other resident and migrant bird
species, howler monkeys, anteaters, iguanas, boas, eccentric locals, and
a jagarundi. Assistants will work long days (7 am to 6:30 pm) six days a
week, with an opportunity to go into town for one day every other week.
This work is most appropriate for people who are interested in pursuing
a career in behavioral ecology, and who have previous field experience.
Food, housing, and required transportation within Panama will be
provided, as well as the cost of travel to Panama (up to $1000) and $500
bonus. Additional information on the research project can be found at:
http://bio.fsu.edu/duval/DuVal_research.html. Apply via email with (1) a
cover letter explaining why you want this (difficult!) job, (2) a CV,
and (3) names and email addresses of three references familiar with your
field skills and personality. Contact: EMILY DUVAL, Florida State
University; (EM: ehduval AT gmail.com). Review of applications is
ongoing until this last position is filled!

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