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22 de febrero de 2008

Oferta de trabajo en Uppsala

Postdoctoral position
Lichens and life history traits

The new Department of Ecology at SLU conducts research and education
in applied ecology including effects of human activity and
environmental change on biodiversity. We announce a new post doctoral
position focusing on if life history traits explain the lichen species
composition, if red-listed lichen species differ from other species in
terms of life history traits and occurrence, and how a large scale
outbreak of the Dutch elm disease on Gotland would affect lichens on
Ulmus. A large data set on corticolous lichens from 23 wooded meadows
on Gotland, Sweden and 3 similar localities on Saarema, Estonia is
available. A total of more than 1,000 trees were sampled. You will add
parameters such as life history traits, stand history (back to the
18th century) and phylogeny to the data set and then analyse the
material with various statistical methods. Both the stand and the
individual trees within a stand will be studied. This project will
examine and compare lichen diversity on tree species in a man-made
ecosystem with high biodiversity, maintained by management. The
meadows have a long history of management by hay-cutting and
maintenance of deciduous trees used for coppicing or pollarding. You
will be part of a research group at the department working with
lichens. No (or only limited) field work will be necessary. The
position will be at Uppsala.

Qualifications: You should have a pHD in Biology (or equivalent).
Experience in various methods of statistical analysis and scientific
writing in English are necessary and an interest in lichens is an
advantage. The application shall include: (1) a summary of your
previous achievements (max. 1 page), (2) a description (max. 1 page)
of how you regard the research task, (3) pHD thesis, (4) curriculum
vitae and (5) two reference persons.

Form for funding or employment: post doctoral position for 24 months

For further information, please contact Göran Thor 018-672419
(goran.thor@ekol.slu.se). See also:
phone no. +46-(0)18-671536.

Applications, marked with reference no 460/08, must have arrived at
the Registrator of SLU, P.O. Box 7070, SE-750 07 Uppsala or
registrator@slu.se no later than 2008-04-04.

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