Se necesita voluntario para crucero oceanográfico por el Pacífico ;-) ~

21 de febrero de 2008

Se necesita voluntario para crucero oceanográfico por el Pacífico ;-)

We need a volunteer to support marine mammal survey during march 2008
(~month) on board the Colombian Pacific oceanographic cruise.
The person will be responsible for conducting daily observations from the
top deck (1 hour on, 1/2 off), taking data on cruising speed and direction
and observation conditions every hour; each time a marine mammal group is
found, the person will need to identify the group to lowest taxonomical
group, estimate group size, note position, estimate distance and angle, etc.
If the person has a good camera, photographs should be taken to confirm
identification. He/she will need to organize data bases (excel formats),
estimate number of sightings/cuadrant for each species and prepare a report
to the Fundación Malpelo and the National Navy.
The chosen researcher will have the opportunity to participate in a
nation-wide research cruise (it covers all the EEZ of the Colombian Pacific,
up to 84°W), gaining experience on both coastal and pelagic mammal
identification, learning from important colombian oceanographers, as well as
getting to know local culture and amazing natural spots along the colombian
Pacific coast.
National travel (Bogota-Tumaco-Bogota) and food costs can be covered, but
other expenses should be covered by researcher. Marine mammal field
experience required (min. 6 months), and spanish knowledge would be a plus
(all other researchers will be colombian or Latin-American). If interested
and available, please send Resume (max 2 pg) to German Soler

Carolina García Imhof
M. Sc. Marine Science

Contact information:
Carrera 4 No. 71-61 apt. 1001
Tel: 571 3458377
Fax: 571 5447490
Móvil: 315 3885399

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