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5 de marzo de 2008

Voluntariado en Ecuador

VOLUNTEERS–Life Net Cloud Forest Bird Monitoring Research
Interns–Opportunity location: Las Tangaras Reserve, Mindo, Ecuador.
Closing date: 30 May 2008. Opportunity Description: Help advance bird
conservation in western Ecuador by volunteering on Life Net's annual
bird monitoring project at Las Tangaras Reserve, from Jul 20 to Aug 2,
2008. Work with Life Net scientists and expert Ecuadorian banders. Help
operate a bird banding station, collect data on hummingbird habitat
preferences, and study behavior of Andean Cock-of-the Rock. Learn
ornithological field methods by experience, contribute to avian
conservation, and learn Spanish, all at the same time. Previous bird
banding experience is not required, but is desirable and welcomed. Las
Tangaras Reserve, a beautiful cloud forest protected area in the western
Andes, is located near the village of Mindo, Ecuador, a world renown
birding destination, only two hours from Quito. Las Tangaras Reserve was
created to extend the area of the Mindo-Nambillo Protective Forest. Here
we use mist nets to monitor seasonal variation in birds using interior,
and edges of montane cloud forest (1200-1600m above sea level). Life Net
volunteers contribute $1200 to participate on the project. The
tax-exempt donation covers travel, food, and lodging in Ecuador during
the project. Team members are met by Life Net researchers at 9 am in
Quito at Posada del Maple on 20 Jul 2008 and are returned by van on the
afternoon of 2 Aug 2008. Volunteers stay in an "eco-lodge" located in
the Las Tangaras Reserve along the beautiful Nambillo river. Excellent
and plentiful home-style Ecuadorian meals and comfortable accommodation
make this an excellent research internship for those looking for a
natural history and cloud forest experience that makes a difference. DR.
DUSTI BECKER, Life Net, 6423 Bascom Trail, Willcox, AZ 85643, (PH:
406-600-4802, URL: http://www.lifenetnature.org).

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