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29 de julio de 2008

Voluntariado con aves en México

VOLUNTEERS RESEARCH POSITION (5) Needed for the Endangered Thick-billed
and Maroon-fronted Parrots research Project in Mexico. The Environmental
Ecosystem Management Program (PMSE) from ITESM Campus Monterrey looks
for volunteers for 2008 field season with the project: Ecology and
Conservation of Thick-billed and Maroon-fronted Parrots (Rhynchopsitta
pachyrhyncha & R. terrisi)”. We are looking for collaboration to carry
out nesting monitoring during the 2008 field season from mid Jul to
early Nov. The main activities are: FOR THICK-BILLED PARROT: Nest-trees
and reproductive behavior monitoring. The research is carried out using
climbing techniques to access directly the nests or through the use of
probes. We register the cavities and egg’s measures. After the eggs
hatch we register periodically the chick’s development. Information is
written in field forms. Volunteers won’t climb trees, they will help
with flock counting, chick measuring and new nets finding. FOR
MAROON-FRONTED PARROTS: Nest cliff monitoring and reproductive behavior
observation. These activities are carried out through the registration
of the cavities usage by the reproductive pairs. Each cavity is marked
with a unique code in color pictures of the nesting cliffs. Information
is registered on field forms. Volunteers will help on monitoring a cliff
per day; usually this is done by one person during 8 hours continuous.
WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? Natural Sciences or Biology students, people
interested in conservation, especially birds or interested in learning
more on conservation projects in Mexico. Accommodation and Requirements:
During field trips volunteers will use project facilities; will stay at
local people houses or camping. Participants must be disciplined,
responsible, patient, and the ability to get along with different people
in remote places, as well as to carry out field work with little
supervision, patience enough to monitor continuously up to seven hours
and willing to work daily up to ten hours, resistant to adverse climate
conditions, such as intense cold or hot, hail or rain. Also people will
have to be on shape in order to walk through difficult trails at
altitudes up to 2000m above the sea level. English or Spanish spoken,
and committed to stay in the project at least during one month
(preferable the entire season Jul-Oct). Travel in: Volunteers will pay
their travel expenses to Monterrey or Chihuahua, Mexico, depending on
the project. Food, housing, and travel expenses during the volunteering
is covered by the project. TO APPLY it is necessary to send a brief
resume, 3 professional references (including e-mail) and an intention
letter addressed to (EM: Rene Valdes ravp AT itesm.mx). More further
project information (in spanish): http://uninet.mty.itesm.mx/1_8_1_1.htm

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