Guía ornitológico para Costa Rica ~

22 de octubre de 2008

Guía ornitológico para Costa Rica

BIRDING AND NATURAL HISTORY GUIDE: Our small Eco-lodge on the Peninsula
de Osa in Costa Rica needs an extra guide for the 2009 high season, late
Dec 2008-mid Mar or early Apr 2009. Jan, Feb and Mar are the most
important months and the other months are negotiable. We are located in
the National Forest surrounding Corcovado National Park on the Peninsula
de Osa. This area is said to be one of the most biodiverse places in the
world with approx. 2.5% of the species found worldwide. There are many
local endemic species and the birding is excellent. This is a great
opportunity to get to know the area. We are also involved in a study and
monitoring project of 4 of the local bird species. Yellow-billed
Cotinga, Black-cheeked Ant-tanager, Mangrove Hummingbird and Turquoise
Cotinga, which we could use help with as well. We are a service-oriented
lodge and guiding is personal and customized. Our maximum capacity is 10
guests. Our birding guests can fall into any category from beginner,
casual, lister to target birders with lots of tropical experience. Our
non-birder guests usually have some background knowledge and are
interested in all forms of Natural history. Qualifications: Strong
birding/ornithology background with experience in tropical biology and
birding particularly in Costa Rica, ability to learn bird calls quickly,
Ability to study and absorb knowledge quickly, enthusiasm, pleasant
personality, patience, flexible, some Spanish language, good physical
condition and interest, and some knowledge of all tropical natural
history. A University Degree is not necessary but helpful. Birding is
our main emphasis but we may consider a general tropical
naturalist/biologist with some background in birding. But in this case,
some local experience would be necessary Must accept responsibility for
guest’s safety while guiding. Wilderness first aid and CPR training are
helpful. A willingness to accept the challenge of attempting to find
specific target species, as well as catering to the diverse
personalities and physical capacities of all our guests. Capable of
spending the whole season with us. Since we are a small lodge, all
personnel need to be able to work as a team to achieve our goal of
providing the best possible atmosphere and service to our guests. Job
description and provisions: There will only be one other guide, Abraham,
my husband and co-owner. We will need 1-3 weeks (depending on the
applicants experience) for training. We are open to a field biologist
combining research with the job. Generally, work hours will be 3-5 hours
in the morning and 2-3 in the afternoon. Or an approximate total of 6
hrs a day. If the applicant is talented with the local nightlife such as
frogs and snakes, there could also be some work, 1-1.5 hrs, in the early
evening. The schedule is flexible and dependent on our occupancy. During
much of the period there will be a fair amount of free time. Days off
depend mostly on our guiding schedule. At some point we will make it
possible to have several days in a row free so the guide can travel to
some other site in Costa Rica, if desired. We provide fairly personal
guiding with groups no larger than 6 and 2-4 being the norm. Some
interaction with our guests during down time is required. During low
periods we may ask for help with lodge related work such as
correspondence, trips to town, light trail maintenance or natural
history related projects and record keeping. Two meals a day, breakfast
and lunch are provided. Dinner is usually provided a couple times a week
as well, depending on how busy we are. There is a local style, private
cabin nearby for the guide to rent (very inexpensive, $60-$75 per
month). Compensation is provided. Although we expect the guide to spend
some time with the guests and help out occasionally while not actually
guiding, we calculate compensation by percentage of tour income. Most
guides bring in over $1000 per month. For more info about the area and
our lodge, please view our web page (URL: For more info on the job opportunity,
write to (EM: info AT

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