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2 de julio de 2009

Oferta de Postdoc: Comportamiento animal en abejas en Tucson, Arizona.

POSITION AVAILABLE: Postdoctoral opportunity studying bee learning and
foraging behavior in relation to floral complexity with Dan Papaj, Anna
Dornhaus, and Anne Leonard at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The goal of this NSF-funded project is to
understand why flowers use complex stimuli in multiple sensory
modalities to signal to pollinators. Bumblebees will be used as a model
system in assays that manipulate the complexity of floral stimuli and
quantify bee learning and floral choice. Special emphasis will be given
to analysis of speed-accuracy tradeoffs with respect to predictions
derived from economic and neural decision-making theory.

QUALIFICATIONS: Ph.D. in animal behavior or allied field. Training in
the area of animal learning is preferred, but not required. Ability to
think independently and well developed skills in oral and written
communication are essential.

START DATE: As early as September 1st, but negotiable. Starting salary
will be commensurate with experience; the position includes medical
insurance and benefits. The initial appointment will be for one year,
with funding available for two additional years, contingent upon
satisfactory progress.

ACADEMIC SETTING: The University of Arizona has strength in ecology and
evolutionary biology, animal behavior, cognitive science, neurobiology,
and entomology. It is particularly well represented in insect science
across a variety of disciplines.

DAILY LIFE: Tucson, Arizona is known for its cultural diversity,
Southwest lifestyle, and close proximity to natural areas of biological
and geological significance. The distinctive fauna and flora of the
Sonoran desert make the region especially appealing to biologists.

For inquiries or to apply, please email Dan Papaj
(papaj@email.arizona.edu). Applications should include: (1) cover letter
indicating relevant experience and interests, and possible starting
date; (2) CV; (3) publication reprints or preprints in electronic form
and; (4) names and contact information for three references.

For more information on labs and research programs, please visit the
following links:
Dan Papaj, http://www.eebweb.arizona.edu/faculty/papaj
Anna Dornhaus, http://www.eebweb.arizona.edu/faculty/dornhaus
Anne Leonard, http://cis.arl.arizona.edu/PERT/people/Leonard/index.htm


Daniel R. Papaj
Professor and Associate Head
Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721


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