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27 de octubre de 2009

NSF fellowships for research on vegetation-climate interactions in the Amazon

National Science Foundation (NSF) graduate fellowships ($30,000 per year,
for up to two years) are available starting in the 2010-2011 academic year
for Amazon-PIRE (Partnership for International Research and Education) for
ecology and earth-system science students to study vegetation-climate
interactions in the Amazon basin (Brazil).

Amazon-PIRE fellows must be admitted to a participating Ph.D. program at the
University of Arizona or Harvard University. Fellowships support United
States citizens or permanent residents, and include an annual stipend,
tuition, health insurance, and travel to Brazilian field sites and
collaborating institutions.

Amazon-PIRE is a U.S.-Brazilian partnership addressing the question, "What
is the future of Amazon forests under climate change?" and promoting
international education, collaboration, and exchange. Research focii
include long term observations (via eddy flux measurements, forest plot
surveys, physiological measurements, remote sensing, and aircraft sampling),
experimental manipulations (in the Tropical Forest Biome of Biosphere 2),
and modeling.

Amazon-PIRE is committed to diversity in education, and encourages the
application of women and underrepresented minorities.

* Application deadline for funding of graduate fellowships - February
5, 2010

See the program website (http://www.amazonpire.org/opportunities.php)for key
application deadlines for relevant programs and more information, or email:

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