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27 de octubre de 2009

Voluntariado en Costa Rica

VOLUNTEER RESEARCH ASSISTANTS (2) for Costa Rican Bird and Bat
Population Dynamics Project needed for at 7 weeks from 26 Jan to 15 Mar
2010. We conduct constant-effort banding/ bat capture to study the local
bird and bat communities to investigate occupancy, abundance, habitat
selection, and survival of native forest birds and bats in an array of
tropical countryside habitats (i.e. premontane tropical forest, forest
fragments, riparian corridor remnants, and coffee plantations) . Fluency
in Spanish, a valid driver's license, and mistnetting/bird banding
experience (preferably over 500 birds/bats) are required. In addition,
applicants should be comfortable with working 4AM-1PM or 4PM-1AM for 6
days/week, be in good physical condition, have previous fieldwork
experience, rabies vaccines, function well in a team and enjoy working
outdoors. Supervisory experience, data entry/analysis expertise,
familiarity with Costa Rican birds/bats, GIS/ArcMap skills, as well as
interest in birds/bats, and conservation are desirable. Volunteers will
lead daily field crews (~2 experienced mist net extractors) and be
responsible for operating independent stations of 20 mist nets.
Volunteers are expected to be able to band and collect data on 50-150
birds or 15-70 bats independently. This is a fast-paced, high volume
position with great opportunities to hone skills in tropical ecology
including: bird and bat identification, aging and sexing tropical birds,
hummingbird banding, and developing research questions in countryside
biogeography and ecosystem services of biodiversity. There are
possibilities to develop relevant, independent research projects related
to our work. We are based at Las Cruces Biological Station, near the
town of San Vito, 5 km from the Panama border, between the national
parks of Corcovado and Amistad (URL:
Over 400 bird species and 60 bat species have been observed in the area
and we have mist netted over 260 and 45 species, respectively. The
climate is spring-like, the bugs are few, and we will be staying at a
top-notch facility with all the amenities and prepared meals. Volunteers
need to cover their own airfare to and from San Jose, Costa Rica. Please
e-mail a cover letter, resume, and emails/phone numbers of 3 references
(with at least one banding supervisor) by 15 Nov 2009 to CHASE D.
MENDENHALL, Department of Biology, Stanford University (EM: cdm AT

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