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16 de noviembre de 2009

Graduate Student Positions Available - TTU

I am seeking motivated students to join my lab for either masters or doctoral work beginning in fall 2010 in the field of evolutionary ecology at Texas Tech University. Funding for 1-2 students will be provided either as teaching assistantships or fellowships, depending on student background and availability. Applicants should be independent, highly motivated, and some research and/or field experience would be a plus. Research in my lab generally addresses questions about behavioral ecology about signal function and evolution by performing experiments within a naturalistic context. Specific research topics have included a wide array of ecological and evolutionary questions. Such work includes studies on heterospecific eavesdropping, the evolutionary hypotheses for the role of the vocal sac in anurans, female mate choice based on genetic similarities, genetic diversity and morphology in island populations, and mating preferences at different scales of divergence. For further !
information on the Bernal lab see:

If you are interested, please send me an email including 1) a statement of research interests, 2) a brief overview of your previous academic and research experiences, and 3) how your interests might fit in with the lab. Also include a copy of your CV or resume, your GRE scores (if you have them), and an unofficial transcript. Funding may be available through research and/or teaching assistantships. In addition TTU offers fellowships for some of the most promising students.

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