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19 de noviembre de 2009

Oferta con Martín Pescador en la Polinesia Francesa

I am seeking a highly motivated individual to help with an investigation
into the behavioral ecology of the critically endangered Niau
Kingfisher. Research is being conducted in Feb and Mar 2010 on the
island of Niau, Tuamotu Archipelago, French Polynesia. Work includes
banding, habitat assessment, radio tracking, nest searching, population
monitoring, and behavior observations. Interests in endangered species
conservation, French language skills, and a demonstrated ability to work
alone and under extremely difficult field and cultural conditions are
important. Additional experience banding and working with radio
telemetry are also preferred. Travel, housing, lodging, and limited
stipend are provided. The successful applicant may also have the option
to continue working with these magnificent birds in a M.S. research
assistantship. Please email a letter of interest, CV, and contact
information for 2 references (name, phone, and email) to DR. DYLAN
KESLER (EM: nk2010 AT picra dot net) by 20 Dec.

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