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19 de noviembre de 2009

Voluntariado con aves en Holanda

VOLUNTEER FIELD ASSISTANT, The Netherlands: Volunteers are needed from
15 Mar to 15 May 2010 for an ongoing capture-recapture program on the
Ruffs, Philomachus pugnax. The project is under the supervision of Prof.
Dr. Theunis Piersma, head of the Animal Ecology Group of the University
of Groningen. The fieldwork consists in the monitoring color-banded
birds in Southwest Friesland, a characteristic Dutch meadow area along
the shore of Lake IJsselmeer in the north of The Netherlands. We collect
data on the timing of migration, habitat use, phenotype characteristics,
feeding and reproductive behavior of the birds; but you will also assist
with the banding of the birds, blood sampling, and data entry.
Volunteers and students involved will live together. Applicants need to
have good social skills, a driver licence, experience with handling
birds and color-ring reading is preferred but command of Dutch or
Frisian is not necessary ;-). We provide housing and field equipment.
Volunteers must pay own airfare and living expenses (3-4 Euro per day).
However a refund of traveling costs might be possible (depending on
pending grant applications). TO APPLY: Please send a resume/CV, a cover
letter addressing any relevant experience, time available and two
references with e-mail addresses to: (Applications will be considered
until all positions are filled) LUCIE SCHMALTZ (EM: l.schmaltzATrug.nl)
or ROOS KENTIE (r.kentieATrug.nl). Animal Ecology Group, Center for
Ecological and Evolutionary Studies, University of Groningen, PO Box 14,
9750 AA Haren, The Netherlands. For further info see:

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