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20 de enero de 2011

*University of Bern.Field assistant position. Bird evolution

*University of Bern: Field assistant position to study hormone mediated
maternal effects and consequences of hatching asynchrony in birds*

I am looking for 2 enthusiastic field assistants interested to join my field
project in Bern, Switzerland. Applicants will be part of the evolutionary
ecology team (Institute of Ecology and Evolution, University of Bern).

The biological model used in my study is the Great Tit, a small passerine
bird nesting in nest-boxes in forests near Bern.

The aim of my study is to investigate the consequences of hatching
asynchrony on nestling and adult fitness, as well as the effects of maternal
testosterone, hormone supposed to be one of the major determinants of the
developmental plasticity.

I will require 2 field assistants that will help with all the aspects of the
work, including checking nest-boxes, ringing, measuring and catching birds,
performing treatments, etc. Applicants with a BSc or MSc in Biology/Ecology,
as well as with bird handling experience would have an advantage. There is
also possibility for potential supervising BSc or MSc students for their
training periods.

I am looking for highly motivated assistants because of the hardness of the
work. Field requires long hours of work no matter the conditions are. The
study will start at the end of March 2011 until the beginning of June 2011.
Fluent English/French or Polish speaking and a valid European driving
license are required.

This is an expense paid field assistant position.

Applications - including a CV, and the name of one or two referees -
should be send to: podlas.kasia@gmail.com

Applications received until 15 February 2011 will be given full consideration.

Katarzyna Podlas
Institute of Ecology and Evolution
University of Bern
Baltzerstr. 6
3012 Bern
Email: podlas.kasia@gmail.com
Phone: +41 31 631 30 20

Katarzyna Podlas

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