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20 de enero de 2011

ZSL Mongolia Summer Field Course 2011

The Zoological Society of London's Mongolia-based Steppe Forward Programme
(SFP) is looking for students to join Mongolian biology undergraduates on
their 2011 field course.

The field course will be held in Mongolia’s unique rolling steppe
grasslands, in the vicinity of Hustai National Park – famous for its
Przewalski’s horse re-introduction program. The dates for the course are
still to be finalized, but will be in August 2011 for approximately two weeks.

The field course will be taught by conservation practitioners and
researchers from the Zoological Society of London, with input from faculty
staff of the National University of Mongolia and park rangers. This course
will provide an amazing opportunity to learn more about Mongolian
biodiversity and conservation issues, as well as ecological fieldwork skills
and tools, alongside local researchers and students through a series of
classes and labs.

Students will experience the traditional Mongolian nomadic lifestyle -
camping in tents and eating Mongolian food, with meat purchased from local

For more details about the course and SFP’s conservation activities in
Mongolia click here

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