Job (full time position) : Expert in management of introduced species (Invertebrates or plants), Galapagos Islands, Ecuador ~

28 de julio de 2011

Job (full time position) : Expert in management of introduced species (Invertebrates or plants), Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

(thanks to Jessica Lavabre)

Coordinate and lead the ecological restoration theme in the science directorate. Develop scientific projects focused on the following areas:
1) management of invasive species;
2) management of threatened species; and
3) ecosystem restoration.

 Coordinate activities of the ecological restoration theme with the Directors of Science;
 Develop control and management strategies for pests such as fruit fly, philornis fly, black
fly, African snail, and fire ants, among others.
 In conjunction with experts develop biological control agents for blackberry, guava and the
philornis fly.
 Develop conservation management strategies that emphasize high diversity of native and
endemic species, thus establishing new concepts of introduced species control, which
help to minimize costs incurred to native ecosystems.
 Give technical advice on introduced species to the Galapagos National Park, Government
Counsel, Ministry of Agriculture and Quarantine and other government institutions.
 Collaborate with the implementation of projects with local, national and international
 Lead strategic planning of restoration theme based on needs of Galapagos.
 Manage operations of restoration group including budgeting and work plans.
 Contribute significantly to fundraising by producing project proposals and donor reports.
 Produce scientific articles including: proposals, technical reports and peer reviewed
articles which support conservation in Galapagos.
 Establish and maintain strategic alliances with local, national and international institutions.

 PhD in ecology and/or management of introduced species (there is a preference for
people trained in invertebrates but those with plant experience will be considered).
 Research experience in pest control and biological control with an understanding of
tropical ecosystems.
Minimum of 5 years experience in conceptualization and planning of projects on: base
line, monitoring, prioritization, control and eradication of introduced species.
 Demonstrated abilities in project management, statistical design, analysis and synthesis of
 Ability to use software: statistical analysis (including multivariate), GIS and modeling.
 Demonstrated capacity in scientific writing: proposals, reports and peer reviewed articles.
 Track record of developing successful project proposals and grant writing.
 Capacity to lead and administer a team.
 Experience working in protected areas.
 Experience working with the local community.
 Fluent in both Spanish and English (spoken and written).

The position offers a two-year contract with the possibility of renewal depending on the performance evaluation and availability of funds. The salary range is US$27.000 to US$31.200 yearly, based on qualifications and experience. Benefits include private medical insurance and 30 days of vacation per year.

How to Apply:
Applicants must send the following documents by e-mail to
 Letter of interest describing your expertise in keeping with the minimum qualifications for
this position (a half page for each qualification requirement)
 Resumé
 Three professional references (names and e-mail addresses)
Closing Date: August 15th, 2011

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