28 de julio de 2011


A postdoctoral position for 1 to 3 years is available, for theoretical
research at the Department of Ecology and Evolution of the University
of Lausanne. It is funded by a project of the Swiss National Science
Foundation aiming at investigating the role of cultural transmission
(non-genetically transmitted actions and technologies) in the
evolutionary transition from small-scale egalitarian groups to
larger-scale stratified groups.

The project, which is at the interface of biology, anthropology, and
economics, aims at studying the following type of questions. How did
large-scale stratified human societies emergence from small-scale
egalitarian societies? Did it happen through an increase in the
technologies of production and exchange (e.g. invention of agriculture
and trading) or in the technology of appropriation (intensification of
warfare)? What are the selective pressures that could lead to within
group stratification? Did trading co-evolve with the specialization of
cultural trait accumulation within and between groups? Other topics of
theoretical research on the evolution of social behaviors are also
possible if they fit the research interests of our group:

Applicants should have a Ph.D. in a relevant area (e.g. evolutionary
biology, economics, anthropology, or mathematics), with strong
mathematical and computing skills, and a vivid interest in fundamental

The Department of Ecology and Evolution is a well-funded and vibrant
research institution, with excellent facilities:

Inquiries and applications should be sent to:
Applications should be sent by June 10th, and should include a CV, a
one-page statement of research interests, and names of 2-3 referees.
Only applications with all these information will be considered.

Laurent Lehmann

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