PhD: Welfare assessment in turkeys and dairy sheep. ~

29 de julio de 2011

PhD: Welfare assessment in turkeys and dairy sheep.

Welfare assessment in turkeys and dairy sheep.

Selection for 1 award of studentships to non EU citizensfor admission to Ph.D. degree courses in the Graduate School of Animal Health and Production: Science, Technology and Biotechnology. PhD course in Animal Production.
This Ph.D. position will be granted from UMIL and the candidate will be involved in the AWIN project. The project will test the applicability of behavioural, performance and other biological parameters with the aim of developing practical protocols and guidance for the improvement of the welfare of turkeys and sheep.
The student will be based at the Dipartimento di Scienze Animali in Milano and will perform studies in Italy as well as in Spain, and will become part of a European-wide research school through the EU project.
The Department of Animal Science (DSA) carries out fundamental and applied research in the fields of animal production, genetics, animal nutrition, applied ethology and welfare, anatomical sciences and biology of reproduction. Important research priorities are: quality of animal husbandry and management in order to improve welfare conditions for the animals and the quality of animal products. Specific fields of research are:
welfare assessment at farm level; developing and application of behavioural and physiological welfare indicators (reactivity test, Heart rate and Heart rate variability). The first Italian group of Applied Ethology and Animal Welfare has been active in the Department since the 70s. and is working on the use of behavioural and health indicators for welfare assessment at farm level. In particular this group has been working on the identification of reactivity and temperament of animals to improve human-animal interactions on farm. Behavioural tests (approaching/avoidance tests, handling during restraint, reactivity during milking) and the use Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability to validate behavioural tests are used in the research. The group has a broad experience in recording data on farm (behavioural, physiological, productive and health). The group collaborates with Breeders Associations and Government Institutions. DSA has gained experience also on welfare risk assessment. The first Italian School of Specialization in Applied Animal Ethology and Welfare has been based at the Department since 1997.
Main Supervisor
The studentwill be supervised by Dr Valentina, Università degli Studi di Milano, Dipartimento di Scienze Animali via Celoria, 10 20133 Milano tel +39(0)250318042 in collaboration with Professor Inma Estevez atNeiker-Tecnalia.- Spain.


Applications for selection are invited from non EU citizens who do not come within the purview of Italian Legislative Decree N° 286, dated 25 July 1998, as amended by Law N° 189, dated 30 July 2002 and hold a foreign degree. The candidates’ degrees will be recognised as equivalent to the Italian "Laurea magistrale" (exclusively for the purposes of thiscompetition) by the competent Academic Board.
The University can at any time exclude candidates lacking the admission requirements.
Studentship assignment
Successful applicants, whose annual income does not exceed € 15,000.00 occasional self-employed work incomes are excluded), are entitled toget a scholarship amounting to € 13,638.47 (gross total) per year. Regional tax for study rights, insurance premium against injuries and tax stamp will be deducted from the grant amount (equal to 122,11 Euros as a whole). If an applicant selected to receive a studentship fails to enrol, the studentship will be assigned to the selected applicant following in the list.
Duration of Studentship
The studentship will be for 3 years, starting from January 2012.
Studentship Development Programme
Postgraduate Student development is of major importance to UMIL and accordingly, we try to provide every opportunity for appropriate training. In addition all of our research students are eligible to attend training courses and workshops organised by the University of Milan. As an AWIN student the successful applicant will become part of an postgraduate school which will expose the students to a range of skills and teaching, and foster a dynamic international research student community.
More detailed information and at the above URL: 2001_2012)

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