Postdoc and PhD in Australia ~

29 de julio de 2011

Postdoc and PhD in Australia

We seek a motivated postdoc to work on pure and applied questions in conservation ecology, using as a case study the East Asian-Australasian flyway, which links 23 countries, and supports millions of birds migrating annually between the Arctic and Australia. However, this flyway is in rapid decline, and we are seeking a postdoc to work on a newly funded project aimed at understanding and reversing these declines. This project is a unique opportunity to analyse population and habitat loss data at a continental scale in a comprehensive analysis of one of the great animal migrations. As well doing some interesting science, we hope that this work will help shape conservation policy in Australia and throughout the flyway, through our funding partners in state and federal governments as well as 15+ non-governmental organisations who are contributing data to the project. The successful appointee will join a productive and dynamic environment of 40+ conservation ecologists at UQ. See here for more details, and apply online.

We seek a motivated PhD student to work on pure and applied questions in migratory species monitoring and conservation. You will study the East Asian migratory flyway, in which millions of shorebirds make annual journeys from the Arctic to Australia and back. This project is funded by state and federal government, and is a unique opportunity to shape policy around migratory species conservation in Australia and beyond. Specific activities within the PhD depend on the skills and interests of the successful applicant, but will be focussed around optimal monitoring and management of migratory species, emphasizing Moreton Bay as a study site. The project will provide broad exposure across ecology and conservation science, including theory, fieldwork and analysis of empirical data. See here for more details. Apply by covering letter and CV to Dr Richard Fuller.

School of Biological Sciences,
University of Queensland,
St Lucia,
Qld 4072,
Australia |
Phone: +61 (0)7 3346 9912 |

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