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6 de octubre de 2011

Evolutive Ecology Seminars

Thursday 20th October 2011
17h Wendy Hood 
Assistant research professor in Biological Sciences at Auburn University
Calcium, bones, milk, and babies: Investigating the role of extrinsic and intrinsic limitations on reproduction
One of the most essential interactions between an organism and its environment is through the food it consumes to support survival and reproduction. Dr Hood’s research focuses on the interaction between diet, life-history tradeoffs, and the physiological mechanisms that control these interactions. A primary focus of her laboratory has been understanding the cost to mothers of mobilizing bone mineral during lactation compared to the rewards to offspring in the form of superior skeletal development. Dr Hood will describe her recent work on extrinsic and intrinsic constraints on reproductive performance in bats, mice, and ground squirrels.

18h Geoffrey Hill
Professor in Biological Sciences at Auburn University

Rethinking the mechanisms of honest signaling
Condition is a nearly ubiquitous term in the behavioral, physiological, and evolutionary literature, yet existing definitions are incomplete or ambiguous.  Too often in the literature, condition is defined as nutrient reserves.  This poor conceptualization has led to confusion regarding what is being signaled by condition-dependent traits and how to interpret links between ornamentation and individual characteristics such as nutrient reserves, oxidative state, and immunocompetence.  I propose that the combined effects of the somatic state, epigenetic state, and genotype of an organism determine condition.  I define condition as the relative capacity to maintain optimal functionality of vital systems within the body.  A condition-dependent trait is a conspicuous feature of an organism that enhances perception of condition. If the honesty of ornamental traits derives from connections to vital cellular processes then there is no need to invoke a resource tradeoffs to insure signal honesty.
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