Postdoctoral researcher position: Neurobiology, behavior and ecology ~

30 de abril de 2012

Postdoctoral researcher position: Neurobiology, behavior and ecology

The laboratory of Professor Sean O’Donnell, Departments of Biodiversity,
Earth & Environmental Sciences (BEES) and Biology, Drexel University, seeks
to fill a postdoctoral researcher position starting September 1, 2012. The
lab group includes the PI, a Ph.D. research associate, two Ph.D. students
starting fall 2012, and two undergraduate researchers.  Current NSF- and
National Geographic-funded research in the O’Donnell lab
( focuses on relationships of brain
investment with behavior and ecology of social insects; interactions of
birds with army ants; and population genetics of army ants.

The postdoc position is not tied to one project; the postdoc could pursue
research related to any of the ongoing projects. Applicants with field
experience are especially encouraged to apply. Familiarity with
neuroanatomy, neuro-imaging and/or basic molecular techniques would be useful.

Drexel University is an urban campus in Philadelphia with major new
investments in the biological sciences; the new Papadakis Integrated
Sciences Building houses the O’Donnell lab and a state-of-the-art shared
neural imaging facility. Drexel recently merged with the Philadelphia
Academy of Natural Sciences (ANS), leading to formation of a new organismal
biology department (BEES). In addition to the Academy, Drexel researchers
have close access to Univ. of Pennsylvania and Monell Chemical Senses
Center. The lab has active collaborations with scientists at Monell, ANS,
Drexel engineering and Drexel materials engineering.

Applicants should have or expect a Ph.D. in a relevant field before the
position start date. Starting salary is $35,000/year plus fringe benefits.

The position is funded for three years (Fall 2012 through summer 2015).
To apply submit statement of research experience and interests, CV, and
three letter of recommendation  to: Dr. Sean O’Donnell, Drexel Biology, PISB
321, 3245 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19104. Email:
(email submission of PDF files preferred).

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