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8 de agosto de 2012

5 positions at University of Amsterdam

The Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED) is one of
eight research institutes of the Faculty of Science at the University
of Amsterdam. IBED's mission is to increase our understanding of the
diversity and dynamics of ecosystems from the level of genes to entire

Key to IBED's success is the group of top scientists that collaborate with
(international) colleagues on many important questions in the field. They
benefit from the range of expertise present in the institute and the truly
excellent facilities at Science Park Amsterdam. To further strengthen
IBED's research we are currently seeking five scientists that share our
passion for the study of biodiversity and ecosystem dynamics, and can
convey their enthusiasm to a broad range of students. This includes the
following position:

Associate or Full Professor in Evolutionary Biology Evolutionary research
at the University of Amsterdam has a long tradition, with chairs in
Evolutionary Biology (mostly studying animals), in Experimental Plant
Systematics, in Population Biology and several other groups working
at the interface of (geo-)ecology and evolution. Due to the upcoming
retirement of the chair holder IBED intends to fill a vacancy for an
Associate or Full Professor in Evolutionary Biology.

Evolution is without doubt the unifying theory in biology. The major
goals of evolutionary biology are to reveal the history of life on
Earth and to understand the fundamental processes responsible for the
biodiversity that we see today. We welcome candidates that can introduce
their own vigorous research line to IBED, and are excited to be able to
collaborate with colleagues from different disciplines on IBED's main
mission: understanding how organisms interact with each other and their
environment, and its consequences for adaptive processes at the different
levels of biological organization: genes, populations, and species.

More information For more information about this or one of the other
four positions, or for more details about the institute, its facilities
and the application procedure please visit: http://www.science.uva.nl/IBED

If you have specific questions send an e-mail to: jobs-ibed@uva.nl

Closing date for applications is 17 September 2012

Boris Jansen

University of Amsterdam
Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED) Dr. Boris
Jansen Science Officer P.O.Box 94240 | 1090 GE Amsterdam Science Park
904 | 1098 XH Amsterdam The Netherlands T  +31- 20 525 7444 | F +31 -
20 525 7832 http://home.medewerker.uva.nl/b.jansen

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