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20 de septiembre de 2012

2 year Postdoc Position in Tübingen, Germany

2 year Postdoc Position
Innate Immunity
Tübingen, Germany
“Pattern recognition receptor signaling”

The topic
Pattern recognition receptors (PRR) constitute one of the most exciting and promising new areas of immunological research due to their pivotal role within the innate immune system. PRRs are the key sensors of microbial and endogenous danger signals and are able to initiate immediate innate immune responses and shape adaptive immunity. Dysregulation or dysfunction of PRR recognition has thus been implicated in infectious, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, and cancer. The available data warrants investigating PRRs as novel therapeutic targets. However, their safe and efficient therapeutic exploitation will require a more thorough understanding of the principles of PRR signal transduction, especially ligand-receptor and post-receptor signaling complexes, and as well as genetic variation affecting PRR signaling components.

The team and institute
Our lab is investigating the molecular principles of pattern recognition and intracellular signaling from a novel angle combining structural, biochemical, cell biological, immunological and epidemiological approaches. To complement our team we are seeking to recruit additional excellent and enthusiastic researchers, including one Postdoc.

You would be part of a dynamic research group with a proven track record, and located in an excellent scientific environment, the Department of Immunology (Head: Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Rammensee) located on the University and University Hospital campus of the picturesque city of Tübingen. You would find a friendly, well-connected and international environment, and a firm commitment to good supervision and professional development. International applicants are very welcome and will be supported in participating in German courses (NB: German skills are not a requirement for application as English will generally be used in the work environment). Remuneration will be according to German public sector pay scale TV-L13. See http://www.immunology-tuebingen.de/groups/alexander-nr-weber for more details.

Your profile
You hold a Doctorate (PhD, Dr.) or equivalent degree in biological or biophysical sciences, and have at least one first author publication in an international, peer-reviewed journal. You are highly motivated to work independently and also as part of a team. You have a very good command of the English language (written and spoken) and some experience in scientific (manuscript and/or grant) writing. Experience in the supervision of students is welcome. First-hand research experience in molecular/cellular biology, protein biochemistry and/or immunology will be essential.

Your application
Please send applications by email and include: Motivation letter, CV including a summary of obtained University grades and publications, Degree transcripts, Recommendation letters of at least 1 recent referee, your most important first author publication as pdf.
Alexander Weber, PhD
Junior Professor for Innate Immunity, Dept. of Immunology, Tübingen University, Germany
Email: alexander.weber[at]uni-tuebingen.de, Phone:  +49-7071-29-87623

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