Job offers in Luxembourg ~

20 de septiembre de 2012

Job offers in Luxembourg

Job opportunities arising at Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB) and collaborating institutions
At the LCSB and at collaborating partner institutions several opportunities for PhD and postdoctoral candidates are up-coming for talented and motivated people.
The areas of interest cover the study of disease phenotypes and complex phenotype-genotype associations using clinical research settings and collaborations, animal models, and the implementation of high throughput methodologies in the above mentioned topics. We look further into the analysis of biological networks (gene regulatory and metabolic networks using bioinformatics toolsets), to understand underlying systematic associations and common mechanisms. Few focussed areas are gut microbiota, diabetes, the metabolic syndrome and late complications of metabolic diseases.

MD, Bachelor or Master in Bio(medicine), (Bio)chemistry, Medicine or a related discipline.
Please carefully review the following criteria before you consider a potential application:
•     Flexibility upon the place of work for given period of time (EU, US) in order to learn techniques and transfer knowledge
•     Ability to work independently (getting an in depth knowledge about the topic of interest, planning and conducting appropriate experiments, collecting and recording data, analysis of the data and their presentation) under the supervision of a PI
•     Determination and loyalty towards the assigned project and tasks to be performed with the prospect to become a leader for the future of biomedical research

Work in a collaborative and interdisciplinary environment with competitive compensation and a plethora of opportunities to develop an independent research career in a framework of a growing and vibrant network of research collaborations.
Serious applications (CV, research portfolio, statement of career plans plans) are welcome anytime by email ( Consideration of incoming applications are solely contingent upon the fit of the applicant´s profile towards the available positions and applicants will only be contacted in that case.

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