PHD POSITION in evolutionary ecology at the Department of Botany, Stockholm University, Sweden ~

18 de octubre de 2012

PHD POSITION in evolutionary ecology at the Department of Botany, Stockholm University, Sweden

Project description:  The project will investigate the environmental factors driving variation in phenotypic selection on timing of reproduction in iteroparous plants via interactions with antagonistic and mutualistic animals. An important part of the project is to assess the effects of interactions on lifetime fitness using demographic information, and to calculate estimates of selection based on lifetime fitness. The project will also use long-term data sets to estimate individual-specific reaction norms between timing of reproduction and climate as well as selection on these reaction norms.

The project will initially focus on a model system consisting of a perennial plant (Lathyrus vernus), its' antagonists (large mammalian herbivores and pre-dispersal seed predators) and mutualists (bumble-bee pollinators). The methods will consist of experiments in the field, common garden and greenhouse as well as correlational field studies. The analytical framework will consist of phenotypic selection analyses to link traits with fitness components and demographic analyses, such as integral projection models (IPMs), to link fitness components with lifetime fitness.

Qualifications:  MSc or similar degree in ecology or related disciplines (at least 4 years education including a minimum of 10 weeks ecology courses). We seek a candidate with good knowledge of ecological and evolutionary theory, analytical capacity and good skills in English. Previous experience of field and or experimental work is desirable.

How to apply: Application should include (1) a letter stating why the applicant should be considered a strong candidate for the position, (2) a CV, (3) one copy of the master thesis (and other documents supporting your competence and suitability for the position), (4) names, with e-mail address and telephone numbers, of two reference persons, and (5) possible other documents that the applicant wants to be considered. You are welcome with your application, labeled with the reference number SU 461-32-2012, and it should be received no later than November 20, 2012, to: Department of Botany; Registrar Leila Ahonen; Stockholm University; SE-106 91 STOCKHOLM; SWEDEN, or by e-mail to:<>.

Johan Ehrlén
Professor Plant Ecology
Department of Botany
Stockholm University
SE 10691 Stockholm

phone:  + 46 8 161202

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