Postdoc in Hawaii's forest birds ~

18 de octubre de 2012

Postdoc in Hawaii's forest birds

This post-doctoral opportunity is a 1 year position (with possibility of
an additional year of funding) to implement demographic modeling and
population viability analysis of Hawaii forest birds to address important
conservation issues.  Hawaii’s forest birds are famous for both their
unique diversity and dire conservation needs.  Population models of the
forest birds are needed to better understand how current and future
threats may affect population viability, and to evaluate relative
effectiveness of multiple management actions to prioritize conservation
resources.  Primary focus of position will be utilizing Integrated
Population Models (IPM) to link mark/recapture data with long-term census
data from Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge, Hawaii Island, to
estimate demographic parameters for eight native and two introduced forest
bird species.  Population models will then be constructed for each species
using these demographic estimates and used to simulate population
viability under multiple threat and management scenarios to provide
guidance for mangers and policy makers.  This is a great opportunity for a
quantitative-orientated ecologist with a passion for conservation to work
closely with a diverse team of ecologists, field biologists, and managers
to help develop conservation strategies to ensure the persistence of an
imperiled community.  Opportunities to be involved in ongoing demographic
studies of the forest birds will be made available.  The position is based
in lovely Hilo, Hawaii (,_Hawaii) working
for the USGS Pacific Island Ecosystem Research Center
( as a University of Hawaii
employee.  Salary is $3,620/month with full benefits.  REQUIREMENTS:  PhD
in Ecology, Conservation Biology, or closely related field. Demonstrable
experience in wildlife population modeling or decision analysis, applied
statistics/data analysis, and scientific writing. Preference given to
applicants with working knowledge of avian ecology and demographic
studies, climate change studies, population abundance analysis and survey
techniques; prior experience in the use of statistical models for the
analysis of management decisions or adaptive management; programming
skills (R, WinBugs, or similar programs).  Strong communication skills
necessary (both written and verbal).  Additional details and instructions
for applying are found at:  For questions or
additional information, please contact Eben Paxton, USGS Pacific Islands
Ecosystems Research Center,  Application
period ends 11/11/12.

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