Field Assistant studying bird evolution (Spain) ~

7 de noviembre de 2012

Field Assistant studying bird evolution (Spain)

Expenses-paid field assistant positions to study evolution of family
living and cooperative breeding in birds in Spain.

We are seeking applicants for field research volunteers for the upcoming
breeding season to join our field project investigating the evolution
of family living and cooperative breeding in birds. The research is
conducted in Andalusia, southern Spain. Starting dates range from the end
of February to the middle of March and work will continue through June.

Our project researches the shifts in parental investment patterns in pair
living, kin-group living and cooperatively breeding birds. The project
is based at the University of Zurich, Switzerland (PI Michael Griesser,
PhD students Emeline Mourocq & Gretchen Wagner).

The work of the volunteers will consist of carrying out field
experiments, locating nests, assisting the PhD students with catching
and ringing birds, behavioral observations and data management. This
work will give insight into experimental fieldwork and is carried out
in scenic semi-arid habitats of southern Spain. Depending on the field
workload, we work up to 6 days per week and the days can be long (10-12
hours), including field work and data entry. Observe that temperatures
at the beginning of the field season can be below 0°C, and later in
the breeding season be easily above 35°C. The work can be physically
strenuous at times.


(1) BSc or higher in Biology or similar qualification

(2) Ability to work and live in small groups and sociable personality

(3) Fluent in English

(4) Previous field experience a plus

(5) Good physical condition and ability to endure long, physically
    demanding days

(6) Knowledge in observing & handling birds is a plus

(7) Driving license is helpful

(8) Basic knowledge of Spanish is helpful

These are expenses-paid field assistant positions, covering
accommodation, food, and travel expenses of up to 300€ to and from
the study site.

Applications - including a CV, a letter of motivation (1 pg.) and the
name of two referees - should be sent to both:

Emeline Mourocq:  and

Gretchen Wagner:

Please use “Volunteer Field Assistant Position in Spain” as the
subject and note your availability during this time period in the body
of the e-mail. Applications received until 1st January 2013 will be
given full consideration.

For further information on the project, see:

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