Postdoctoral Fellow - Insect Phylogenomics (Australia) ~

7 de noviembre de 2012

Postdoctoral Fellow - Insect Phylogenomics (Australia)

The Systematics and Collections Program within CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences
comprises staff and collections resources (traditional research
collections, cryofrozen tissues, sound, data) of the Australian National
Insect Collection (ANIC) and Australian National Wildlife Collection.
Recent years have seen growth in molecular and evolutionary research.
Taxonomic and biogeographical work on Australian terrestrial insects now
embraces morphological and molecular systematics, phylogeography and
population genetics as well as modern approaches to morphology such as
micro-CT Scanning. We wish to continue this growth and see its relevance
maintained with respect to current rapid growth in genomics.  A solid
grounding in collections is still seen as essential to this work.

This is an opportunity for a molecular systematist with a special interest
in insects and phylogenomics to make a substantial contribution to ANIC,
the largest and most significant collection of Australian insects in the
world. The collection is housed in CSIROĒs Ecosystem Sciences, which also
conducts research on many other aspects of insect biology (e.g., ecology,
biocontrol, biosecurity and insects as model genomic systems).

 *Specifically you will:*

   - Work with members of the Systematics and Collections Program in the
   design of experiments to capture genomic-scale datasets in Diptera for
   phylogenetic analysis.
   - Publish findings in peer-reviewed key journals.
   - Help build CSIROĒs research collections in insect diversity

*Location:      *Black Mountain, ACT
*Salary:          *$78K -$85K plus up till 15.4% superannuation
*Ref no:       *   ACT12/03446
*Tenure:        *3 year term
CSIRO prefers all applications to be lodged via our Online Careers Portal.
Please visit our website
at, under "Positions Vacant" search for
Reference Number: ACT12/03446

For more information contact:
Dr David Yeates
Director, Australian National Insect Collection
CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences
Adjunct Professor, The Australian National University

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