Field assistant: Tasmania endangered bird (Australia) ~

3 de junio de 2013

Field assistant: Tasmania endangered bird (Australia)


National University. Location: Southeastern Tasmania, Australia. 

Duration: 4 months (Sept 2013-Dec 2013). Job Type: Temporary. Number of 

Openings: 1-2. Application Deadline: 1 July 2013. Job Description: Field 

assistant needed to study the survival, breeding, and behavior of 

forty-spotted pardalotes in southeastern Tasmania (Bruny Island, 

Tinderbox Peninsula, Maria Island). Primary duties include nest 

searching and monitoring, mist-netting and banding, resighting 

color-banded birds, installing camera traps, and behavioral 

observations. Forty-spotted pardalotes are cavity-nesters and we access 

their nests (and nest boxes) using ladders and climbing ropes. Field 

assistant will conduct data entry, work independently, and communicate 

regularly with supervisor. Stipend: $1,000/month, plus food and housing 

in Tasmania. The work schedule is variable, but typically six days on, 

one day off. Qualifications: Applicants must be in excellent physical 

health with outstanding hearing and vision, be able to tolerate 

isolation, weather extremes, long field days, and frequent encounters 

with highly poisonous snakes and large spiders. Mist-netting and banding 

experience is required. Climbing experience is desirable, but 

willingness to learn is great too. Applicants must be highly 

independent, self-motivated and comfortable living with 1-2 other people 

either in a small cabin/cottage, apartment, or tents. Willingness to 

camp and to cycle up to 13 km to field sites in all weather conditions, 

and to be persistent through all kinds of difficulties is crucial. We 

also prefer candidates with an excellent academic record and a strong

interest in research. Applicants must pay their own way to Hobart, 

Tasmania. To Apply: Send CV, cover letter, and contact information for 

two references to AMANDA EDWORTHY ( ); 

please include "forty-spot field assistant" as subject

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