Postgraduate Researcher in Estuarine Ecology (USA) ~

3 de junio de 2013

Postgraduate Researcher in Estuarine Ecology (USA)

University of California, Davis

Requesting applications for a postgraduate researcher (bachelor’s degree) to
assist with field and lab work associated with an interdisciplinary project
“Removal and Restoration: Social, Economic and Ecological Dynamics of
Invasive Spartina in San Francisco Bay” funded through the NSF Dynamics of
Coupled Natural and Human Systems (CNH).  This project integrates across
ecological, social and economic fields with significant field work and
modeling components to examine the consequences of eradication of Spartina
cordgrass for habitat restoration in San Francisco Bay.

The postgraduate researcher would closely with other project personnel
including project P.I.s, postdoctoral and graduate students researchers as
well as undergraduate assistants and volunteers  to organize and conduct
field work and laboratory analyses.  The position would include a variety of
tasks including helping to design and execute field and lab experiments and
lab analyses supporting field research.  Additional tasks include organizing
schedules and personnel for field and lab work, coordinating activities of
undergraduate assistants and volunteers, overseeing purchasing of lab
supplies, and coordinating data entry and management.

Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in biology, ecology, marine
science, or relevant field and have some experience in experimental marine
ecology.  This requirements for this position include: a) familiarity with
marine/estuarine benthic communities and plant-animal interactions, b)
experience with various experimental methods in marine/estuarine ecology.
Experience with any of the following is not required, but any of these would
be a plus: a) identifying marine invertebrates, b) biogeochemical analysis
of water and sediments, c) stable isotope analysis of food webs.  Applicants
should also have good organizational and communication skills and
familiarity with basic software associated with data entry and data

The position is a 100% time paid position available for up to one year
contingent on funding.   The postgraduate researcher would be based
primarily on the UC Davis campus and would need to start by July 1, 2013,
although earlier is desirable.  Review of applications will start
immediately and continue until the position is filled.

To apply, please send the following to the email address below:  (1)
Curriculum Vitae, (2) a short summary of relevant course work and experience
with lab and field research and (3) names and contact information of three
references.  Please send these by email to Professor Ted Grosholz and in the Dept of Environmental Science and Policy,
University of California, Davis.

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