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3 de junio de 2013

Voluntariado con colibrís en Perú

VOLUNTEER FIELD ASSISTANT for hummingbird pollination study in Manu 

National Park, Peru. Dates: July 1-September 5. FLEXIBLE. Description: 

This position is part of the field work of a PhD student's dissertation 

research. The research will involve mist-netting and tracking of 

hummingbirds as well as plant-based studies of nectar properties and 

seed collection and germination. The study is based out of the Wayqecha 

Biological Station. Qualifications: prior mist-netting and field 

experience required. Logistics: Volunteer must purchase their own ticket 

to Cuzco, Peru. However, all costs for 8 weeks of field work (food, 

lodging, transportation) are covered by P.I. We will also take one week 

off at the end of August wherein you can travel where you wish before

returning to the field. To apply: Please send an email to (EM:
jhazlehu@tulane.edu ) including the following information: 1) a short

of interest, 2) your CV, 3) the contact information for at least one 

person who can recommend you.

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