PhD opportunity in Arctic Plant Ecophysiology (USA) ~

14 de septiembre de 2013

PhD opportunity in Arctic Plant Ecophysiology (USA)

The Rogers Lab at Brookhaven National Laboratory / Stony Brook University
is currently recruiting Ph.D. students with one (or more) of the following
skill sets;  Experience with portable infrared gas analyzers, an
understanding of photosynthesis and experience modeling gas exchange,
knowledge of Arctic plant communities and their ecology and experience
conducting field work, particularly in extreme environments.
A degree in the biological sciences is required, preferably in plant
biology. Candidates with an interest in the measurement and model
representation of leaf and plant community gas exchange, and those with
extensive experience working with Arctic plant communities are strongly
encouraged to apply.
Students will have the opportunity to structure their thesis research
around a newly-established multi institute U.S. Department of Energy
Arctic research project, Next Generation Ecosystem Experiments-Arctic
(NGEE-Arctic, The successful candidate will have the
opportunity to conduct field research on the North Slope of Alaska,
collaborate with over fifty scientists engaged in the NGEE-Arctic project,
and the faculty and scientists at Stony Brook University and Brookhaven
National Laboratory.   Financial support may be available through a
combination of research grants, graduate fellowships, and teaching
opportunities. Please send CV and cover letter describing research
interests to Dr. Alistair Rogers ( The deadline for
applicants to the Ecology & Evolution doctoral program at Stony Brook is
January 15th.

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