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7 de octubre de 2013

5 bioinformatics positions at SciLifeLab (Sweden)

The bioinformatics platform at SciLifeLab is expanding, now looking for 3 permanent and 2 temporary positions based in Stockholm/Uppsala (Sweden), to join the Wallenberg Advanced Bioinformatics Infrastructure! WABI provides advanced bioinformatics analyses to some of the most scientifically exciting projects across Sweden. Launched in the beginning of 2013, the WABI team currently holds 10 full-time senior bioinformaticians, and has quickly been established as one of the strongest units for analyses of large-scale genomic data in Sweden. WABI has personnel placed both in Stockholm and in Uppsala, and is a central part of the bioinformatics environment at SciLifeLab.

Note! You need to send in your application separately for each of the 3 advertisements below that you are interested in (application transfers are not possible for administrative reasons)!

2 permanent, Uppsala

1 permanent, Stockholm

2 temporary, Stockholm

More information about the positions are provided by the joint groupleaders

Björn Nystedt (Phd), Uppsala

Thomas Svensson (PhD), Stockholm

Kind regards
Björn Nystedt, Thomas Svensson

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