Postdoc:G matrices and evolutionary potential in wild populations (France) ~

8 de octubre de 2013

Postdoc:G matrices and evolutionary potential in wild populations (France)

We are looking to hire a postdoc to work on G matrices and evolutionary
potential in wild populations. This work will be a part of a project
dedicated to investigate evolutionary potential in wild populations, in
collaboration between the Museum of Natural history in Paris, and the
Center for Alpine Ecology in Grenoble.

Impact of climate change on biodiversity will greatly depends on
populations abilities to adapt to environmental changes. While
biodiversity is being increasingly affected by global changes, there is
an urgent need to assess which species are more at risk of extinction.
This renews interest for a long lasting question on whether patterns of
genetic variance and covariances between life history traits (so called
G matrix) can be considered labile or constrained by species niches or
evolutionary history. The post-doc will work on an important database of
17 species, combine these data to phylogenetic data, to investigate the
macro-evolutionary stability/lability of G matrices in birds, and how
the structure (variance, integration, lines of least resistance) evolves
in relation to life-history traits, different niches aspects (diet,

Analyses will be based on data from long term pedigree populations and
we expect a candidate with strong skills in coding, data analyses,
quantitative genetics, as well as a strong interest in linking micro and
macro evolutionary patterns and bridging their methods together.

This is a two years post doc and the successful applicant should spend
time in Paris and Grenoble. French is not mandatory as in English will
be the working language. The monthly salary is ~ 2000EUR and include
social security.

We would like this post doc to start as soon as possible, but there is
no specific deadline, the position is open until we find the suitable
applicant. Don't hesitate to e-mail us for further details or questions,

Céline Teplitsky & Sébastien Lavergne

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