Postdoc: Behavioral Ecology of Social Insects (USA) ~

8 de octubre de 2013

Postdoc: Behavioral Ecology of Social Insects (USA)

The UC Berkeley Natural History Museums and Department of Environmental
Science, Policy, and Management at UC-Berkeley are currently seeking a
Postdoctoral Scholar in the laboratory of Dr. Neil Tsutsui.

We are seeking a Postdoctoral Scholar to study the behavior, genetics and
chemical ecology of social insects.  Previous work has focused on the
genetics, behavior, and chemical ecology of the invasive, Argentine
ant (*Linepithema
humile*).  In this species, genetic changes during introduction have
altered individual behavior and, in turn, the social organization of
introduced populations.  These changes have contributed to the Argentine
ant's invasive success by promoting the formation of massive
"supercolonies" in the introduced range.

The central focus of the Postdoctoral Scholar's research will be production
and perception of chemical signals that Argentine ants use to regulate
fundamental behaviors, including foraging, queen production, and colonymate
recognition. The Scholar will perform manipulative laboratory experiments
and local field studies. The Postdoctoral Scholar will also have an
opportunity to contribute to an ongoing collaborative study of honey bee
and bumble bee genetics and history in California, through the Berkeley
Initiative for Global Change Biology (

Publications from previous research can be downloaded from:   The salary range is between
$39,264 - $46,092 commensurate with experience; generous benefits are
included (  The initial appointment will
be for one year, with an opportunity for renewal.

Minimum/Basic Qualifications Required:

The minimum qualifications required to be an applicant is the completion of
all degree requirements except dissertation or equivalent by time of

Additional Qualifications:

Ph.D. or equivalent completed before the appointment and a strong
background in one or more of the following areas: behavioral ecology,
chemical ecology, population genetics, genomics, and functional genetics.
Previous experience in insect biology is desirable, but not required.

Applicants must have less than five years of prior post-doctoral service.

Applicants should submit to,
by November 7, 2013, a CV, a brief statement of research interests, copies
of relevant publications and/or manuscripts, and contact information for
two references. Applicants

All letters will be treated as confidential per University of California
policy and California state law. Please refer potential referees, including
when letters are provided via a third party (i.e., dossier service or
career center), to the UC Berkeley statement of confidentiality ( prior to submitting their

Questions regarding this recruitment can be directed to

The University of California, Berkeley is an equal opportunity employer
committed to excellence through diversity. Applicants should ask referees
to review the UC Berkeley Statement of Confidentially found at:

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