PhD Scholarship in Fish Biology at the University of Auckland, New Zealand ~

11 de noviembre de 2013

PhD Scholarship in Fish Biology at the University of Auckland, New Zealand

A PhD scholarship is available in the School of Biological Sciences for a
project on the demography of the leatherjacket, Meuschenia scaber
(Teleostei, Monacanthidae). The main goal of this project is to obtain the
necessary parameter estimates required for constructing demographic growth
models of this fish species. Leatherjacket are the subject of a significant
coastal bycatch fishery, but little is known concerning their age and
growth. Consequently, demographic data are required for MPI to meet its
strategic priority of ensuring that the use of this fishery resource is
sustainable. Maximum age and growth rates will provide important information
on the productivity of leatherjacket.  This research provides an excellent
opportunity for training in fish biology in general, and in particular the
skills necessary to assemble the parameters required for fishery management,
i.e. variability of length at age, length-weight relationship, natural
mortality rate, and proportion mature at length or age. Some diving
experience would be useful, as the project will involve a field component.
The project will be supervised by Professor Kendall Clements (University of
Auckland), and Dr Elizabeth Laman Trip (Massey University, Albany).

The project is supported by the NZ Ministry for Primary Industries and the
University of Auckland Partnership Postgraduate Scholarship Fund. The
Scholarship consists of a tax-free stipend of $25,000 and tuition fees of
$6,014 per year.  The Ministry for Primary Industries contribution is half
the value of the stipend and half the value of tuitionfees.  The School of
Biological Sciences is also supporting half the value of the stipend and
half the value of tuition fees per year plus the standard student support.
This Scholarship will provide support for up to 36 months of study.  The
stipend applies to full-time enrolment only; therefore, the value for
part-time students will be pro-rated accordingly.  The Ministry for Primary
Industries will provide additional funding for operational costs.

The estimated start date of the project is in Semester 1 2014.  The
University of Auckland will administer the funding. Scholarship payments
will be arranged once the student is confirmed as enrolled in the doctoral
programme of the School of BiologicalSciences. Interested students
should contact Kendall Clements by email ( ) by
Friday, December 20 2013. Students with queries about eligibility for the
doctoral program should contact Sue Skelly, Manager (Academic Operations)
( ).

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