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11 de abril de 2014

Postdoc in genomics (Arizona, USA)

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The Cartwright Lab at Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ is seeking
multiple Postdoctoral Research Associates in the areas of Evolutionary
Genomics, Statistics, and Bioinformatics to develop methodologies and
study evolutionary questions related to mutation and short-read
sequencing. Successful applicants will join a rapidly growing and
well-funded lab involved on a variety of active research projects and
collaborations. Current projects include (1) the analysis of cilliate
mutation accumulation lines, (2) the development of software for
de-novo mutation detection from traditional and single-cell sequencing
datasets, (3) the analysis of non-pathogenic somatic mutation patterns
in mammals and plants, (4) the study of indel patterns across the tree
of life, (5) characterizing mutations and fitness-landscapes of
metabolically engineered microbes, (6) population genetics of malaria
parasites, (7) the construction of phylogenies from short-read, whole
genome datasets, and (8) simulation techniques for molecular evolution

The Cartwright Lab is part of the Center for Evolutionary Medicine and
Informatics (CEMI), one of 10 research centers in Arizona State
University's Biodesign Institute. Research in the Cartwright Lab
covers many different questions in population genetics and molecular
evolution, at the interface of biology, statistics, and computer
science. A majority of our research involves developing, implementing,
and applying novel methodologies to study genomic datasets. Members
have the opportunity to develop both dry-lab and wet-lab research
programs through interactions with both national and international

As part of this project, the Postdoctoral Research Associates are
expected to be able to:

1) Assemble microbial or metazoan genomes from short-read sequences
and identify variable sites and regions.
2) Develop novel, high-throughput methodologies to study mutations
from next generation sequencing of related individuals and cells.
3) Work closely with collaborators to customize methodologies to
specific experimental designs.

Required Qualifications: Ph.D. in genomics, bioinformatics, or a related field

Desired Qualifications: Experience working with genomes and
evolutionary analyses; Knowledge of programming languages including R,
Python, and C++; Knowledge of statistical methodologies; Experience
with short-read sequencing

Application must contain: (1) Resume, (2) Cover Letter,  (3) Names,
addresses, and phone numbers of three professional references

Deadline for applications is May 1, 2014. Applications will continue
to be accepted and considered until the job is filled/closed.

For more information see or

To apply, forward one document that includes a cover letter, detailed
CV, and names of 3 references to Please put the
job title in the subject line of the letter.

Arizona State University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action
employer. A background check is required for employment.

A pdf of this ad is available at

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