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12 de abril de 2014

Voluntariado en España (Ecología del comportamiento en avispas)

VOLUNTEER FIELD ASSISTANT sought immediately for 4-6 weeks (starting mid-April 2014), to help with a study of paper wasp (Polistes) behavioural ecology in southern Spain. The work will involve helping a postdoctoral researcher/PhD student to census and observe colonies as part of experiments to elucidate the basis of helping behaviour in these wasps, which live in small colonies of <20 a="" ability="" about="" advantages="" an="" and="" animals="" any="" applicant="" applicants="" be="" because="" behavioural="" biology="" but="" colour-blind.="" colour="" cutting-edge="" do="" driving="" ecology.="" enthusiasm="" essential.="" evolutionary="" excellent="" experience="" fieldwork.="" for="" group="" hard="" have="" http:="" in="" individual="" individuals.="" information="" insect="" interest="" involves="" is="" job="" kind="" licence="" lifesci="" marks="" more="" must="" neither="" not="" obtain="" of="" on="" our="" p="" prepared="" recording="" research="" see="" someone="" spanish="" speak="" successful="" suitable="" the="" to="" we="" website="" who="" will="" work="" would="" www.sussex.ac.uk=""> fieldlab/).

Air fare (from the UK) and accommodation expenses will be provided, with the applicant needing to pay for only their own food/personal expenses, which are relatively cheap in Spain, their travel to/from the airport in their home country, and their travel insurance. A successful applicant will also receive a Ł250 contribution towards their expenses, on completion of the work. Accommodation will be in a large house shared with the other members of the research group - including shower, cooking facilities, TV, large garden etc. Accommodation is in a medium-sized coastal town with nice beach.

Please send a covering letter and CV, including contact details (including e-mail addresses/tel nos.) for the applicant and 2-3 referees who would be available to provide references. Email as a single Word document to: j.field@sussex.ac.uk

Applicants can come to Sussex University, to discuss the project, either 10/11 April or 15/16th. In your cover letter, please indicate which of these dates you are available. Skype interview may also be possible, but meeting in person is preferred. The position will be allocated as soon as a suitable person is identified.

Informal enquiries: j.field@sussex.ac.uk

Professor Jeremy Field
School of Life Sciences,
John Maynard Smith Building,
University of Sussex,
Brighton BN1 9QG, UK

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